2020. When did it begin and when will it end. The answer continues to be unknown. So much that has happened in the past year was likely out of our control. We could not live our lives as we wanted, and if we tried, we were likely met with a negative look. It seemed like everywhere you turned there was a political argument, a covid argument. If we happened to be in a group zoom call there were 10 different beliefs as to validity / severity / how one should handle themselves, and low and behold, there were only four people on the call. So many times we were faced with hypocrisy from both sides, inconsistencies in what we heard to be true or what you may have even witnessed. If we felt covid was a serious issue, it was likely that our family, friends and neighbors felt as though we were the walking plague and we likely thought the same of them. If we did not believe covid to be serious, we likely thought everyone else was crazy for having their belief.

If you were anything like me, you were likely angry and even sad at times over the whole situation. You resented certain people and their political backing. You questioned our leaders, motives, agendas, the news. You got caught up in social media posting, discussions, ect…

And then… if you were anything like me, you turned it all off and you realized then and there that underneath all the noise … there can still be peace.

There can still be faith.

There can still be grace.

You can be a voice of peace and you can give grace.

There are many, many people with huge struggles all around us. Struggles that are not on the surface and may not be known by anyone but the person who is struggling.

As this crazy year of 2020 comes to an end, reach out your hands and offer someone else help.

Lend your ear, let someone vent and just listen.

If financially able to give a gift, do that without looking for repayment or recognition.

From my family to yours, control what you can control. Find peace, provide peace and give grace.

Happy Holidays and may you have an awesome 2021. If there is anything I can do to help you don’t hesitate, reach out.